Read How You Can Become The SQORE President, Gouverneur or Mayor

Starting a new brand has it's advantages.

One of them is to create a total new and unique concept in rewarding our first and returning customers. No other brand has ever started their business like we do now. Be a part of it, enjoy it and profit from it...

This is how it works:

SQORE President of your country
The first person who buys a pair of our limited edition model 1-0 SQORE shoe in any country will be our SQORE President for that country for at least this year.

And this presidential position is our highest level of appreciation, as you have been the pinnacle of early adopters. With the most privileges we are able to provide you. This can vary from receiving the highest discounts, being the first to see and order our new products, to the level of being personally invited to exclusive events.

SQORE Gouverneur
If there already is a SQORE President in your country then the first person to order our limited model 1-0 SQORE shoe from any state/provence will become the SQORE Gouverneur for that particular provence/state for at least this year. You will get a bunch of privileges being a SQORE gouverneur because you have proven to be a real pioneer in adapting new brands/trends.

In the case that your country already has a SQORE President and your provence a SQORE Gouverneur, if you are the first ever to order a pair of SQORE model 1-0 shoes in your city, then you will become a SQORE Mayor for at least 2019. You will receive a free gift with your first SQORE order and will also profit form the fact that you were the first to help us build our brand in your city and country.