Our Mission

Create, Inspire and achieve, that's our goal with our SQORE brand. 

Everybody wants to score. In any field, industry or pitch people always have the ambition to win. Winning by scoring a goal, by scoring a great business deal or by scoring your first date.

When you score you are the center of excitement, for yourself and often for others as well. Scoring gives you an adrenaline kick, a feeling you want to have more often. It will stimulate you in reaching your goals quicker. Whatever they are.

Simply put, SQORE is for winners, for successful people.

In today's political, financial and economical environment the direction we are heading to is wrong. Power in all of those fields are piling up on fewer and fewer individuals, companies and even political parties. 

We don't want that.

With our new SQORE brand we want to, not only offer products where you can distinguish yourself with, but also inspire you to understand that anyone can create a product, a business or become a changing political figure, just by doing it.

By inspiring individuals to start a business or whatever venture, you will not only experience that great independent entrepreneurial feeling, you will also create more choices for consumers. And they do want to be different by choosing for your company, product or party. Not following the mass that will make the most powerful even more powerful.

So this is what we are trying to achieve. Giving people more choices, and try to spread the power over as many entities as possible. Because that's just better for everyone. So if you have the ambition and energy to start something, do it today not tomorrow. Everybody wants to achieve something in their lives. And there is no better time than starting with it right now.

Like we said earlier, SQORE is for winners.